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Do I Need To Buy Insurance?

I'm not going to be driving my car for a few months, does it need to be insured? If you’re going to keep your car on the road or a public car park you must have insurance, if you want to keep it on private land such as a garage or driveway you can obtain a Statutory Off Road Notice (SORN). If you have a SORN for your car you don’t need to tax it or insure it.
29/01/2014 14:41:49 Mike

Making Modifications

If I make modifications to my car do I have to inform my insurance company immediately or can I wait until renewal to do so? Modifications represent a change to the material facts that were provided to the insurer at the point of applying for the policy and, as such, should be declared to the insurer immediately. If you do not do this and you are unfortunate enough to be in an accident, you may find your insurance provider refuses to pay out.
28/11/2013 16:37:57 Mike

Husband Banned From Driving

I am on my husband’s policy as a second driver, he’s been banned from driving, can I still drive the car? I am on my husband’s policy as a second driver, he’s been banned from driving, can I still drive the car? If the main driver is disqualified from driving and you want the policy to remain valid you will need to contact your insurer as they will need to issue a revised certificate of insurance. There may be an additional charge as the insurer will have to rate on your...
18/11/2013 16:08:22 Mike

Refused Insurance

When you ask ‘Have you ever been refused insurance’ what do you mean? When we ask ‘have you ever been refused insurance’ we are asking whether an insurance company has ever refused to insure you as a result of misleading information on your insurance policy. For example, if you had deliberately put down the wrong address to save money on your insurance policy and your insurance provider found out, they may refuse to provide cover and cancel your insurance...
17/10/2013 07:14:21 Mike