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Got an insurance question you would like answered or a problem that you would like resolved? If so, you can Ask The Tiger! Just email us and we will have one of our insurance experts respond to you. Following that we will post the question and answer here to help others who may have the same issue. If we can’t help, we will try and point you towards someone who can.

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Driving In Europe

I’m going skiing in a couple of months, will I be covered to drive in Europe? Most insurers will provide a limited amount of cover for driving in Europe, however this will often only be for third party cover only and will not include extras like breakdown cover. It is worth checking with your insurance provider what they cover you for before you set off and if necessary upgrading your policy.
15/10/2013 07:11:07 Mike

Pay For Insurance Monthly

Is it cheaper to pay for my insurance monthly or in one lump sum? It is usually cheaper to pay for your insurance in one lump sum. If you pay monthly the insurer will essentially loan you the money to pay the premium and get you to pay them back on a monthly basis with interest. If you do not have the money to pay for you insurance in one lump sum, it might be cheaper to use a low interest credit card to pay rather than opt to pay monthly. We have numerous low...
04/10/2013 16:19:38 Mike

Insurance For American Import

I am thinking of buying a Ford Mustang, will I be able to insure it in the UK? can provide quotes for American imports, however, if you cannot find what you are looking for on there are a number of specialist insurers and brokers which will be able to arrange insurance for you.
17/09/2013 14:32:59 Mike

Transferring Insurance

I am planning on selling my car but my insurance policy doesn’t run out for another eight months, can I still keep my policy for my new car? Yes you can, it’s simply a case of calling up your current car insurance provider, letting them know of the change of details and paying any extra fees they may charge if there is any increased risk. If the price increase is too steep, you may be able to cancel the insurance, get a refund and start a new policy with someone else.
12/09/2013 14:24:57 Mike