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Car Insurance Cancellation Fees

Do all car insurance companies charge cancellation fees? Most insurers will offer a 14 day cooling off period, beyond that if you decide to cancel a policy mid-term most insurers will charge a cancellation fee. The insurer would have calculated the premium plus all other associated costs on the basis that the policy will be in force for one year. This cancellation fee will apply whether you pay monthly, or have paid in full up-front. The charge covers the additional...
21/03/2011 08:00:02 Jo

Moving House

What should I do if I move house and keep my car at the new address? A change to the address where you keep the vehicle is classed as a material change to the insurance contract and as such, your car insurance company needs to be informed. If you move into a higher risk area you will be liable to pay the difference in cost, likewise if you move to an area that is classified as lower risk, your insurer may refund you back the difference.
14/03/2011 14:00:05 Jo

Pillion Passengers And Bike Insurance

If I carry a passenger on my motorbike do I have to have bike insurance that covers them also? You have to inform your insurer that you intend to carry a pillion passenger and they will normally ask you this when you set the policy up. If you only decide after taking the policy out that you intend to carry a pillion you need to declare this with your insurer. Insurers will charge a fee to have this added to the policy and this can occasionally be as high as an additional 50%...
11/03/2011 16:00:08 Jo

Helmet And Leathers Insurance

I ride a motorbike can I get insurance for my helmet and leathers? Yes you can. This type of gear can be quite an investment, and if you come off your bike there is a high likelihood that it will be damaged.  There are a number of insurers who will insure you against the cost of motorcycle clothing for a reasonable annual premium.
10/03/2011 09:25:44 Jo