Keeping No Claims Discount

My husband is the policy holder and my daughter and I are named drivers. My husband has decided to give up driving. When we renew the car insurance, if I become the policy holder will I be able to keep our no claims discount? Alternatively, could my daughter be the policy holder as she has a full no claims discount on her own car insurance? She however does not live at the same address as us and the car is registered in my husband’s name.

Unfortunately you will not be able to transfer your husband’s no claims discount to yourself as the no claims discount is related to the driver and not the car. However if you have been driving this vehicle for some time without any accidents, it is more than likely that your insurance company will offer you an introductory rate which could equate to the amount of no claims discount earned by your husband. Therefore it is definitely worth speaking to your husband’s existing insurers.

Adding your daughter to the car insurance policy as the policy holder will not help because she will only be able to use her no claims bonus on her own car. Furthermore, because she does not live at your address and the car is registered in your husband’s name, it could cause problems having her as the main driver in the event of a claim. However keeping her as an additional driver may reduce the cost of your car insurance.

03/01/2013 15:38:48 Mike