Telematics For Younger Drivers

I’ve been told that telematics insurance is good for young drivers.  What are they? The use of telematics in motor insurance describes the use of wireless communications, vehicle monitoring systems and location based services that can be used to capture data on driving behaviour. Insurers can use this data to price insurance policies based on actual information, rather than assumptions made from information passed over during the quote process.  You need to have a small device fitted on the car (which the insurer can fit at no charge) to make the transfer of data possible. If you are a younger driver these types of policies can be beneficial to you as the cost of your insurance will be based on your true driving habits, as opposed to calculations based on your high risk peer group. These policies are normally only available if you have a low annual mileage, but they do vary by provider.
28/03/2011 15:00:32 Jo