My Vehicle Is Stolen

What if my vehicle is stolen?

If your vehicle is stolen you need to report it to the police immediately!

  • Call the local police station making sure you have all the details of the vehicle to hand (make, model, registration and colour) ready for the call. You should be given a crime reference number that you will need to make your insurance claim.
  • Call your insurer. Contact your car insurance company after you have reported it to the police and advise them of the crime reference number. If the car is not recovered they will pay out a claim.

Most vehicles are recovered within a few days of the robbery, so it is advisable that you do not do anything further until about a week after the theft. If your vehicle is not recovered by the police you can apply to refund your vehicle tax by using a V14 application form which you can obtain from Directgov

24/08/2011 15:00:32 Jo