Insurance Documents

What car insurance documents will I receive from my new insurer? You will receive 3 key documents when you take out a motor policy with one of the insurers featured on; the certificate; the policy and the schedule. The certificate This contains details of the insured vehicle, the driver(s) named to drive the vehicle, the use of the vehicle and the dates for which the policy is valid. This is the document that provides legal evidence of insurance cover and is the document required should an accident occur, when the vehicle needs to be taxed, or if you're asked to produce it by the police. The policy Full terms and conditions of the insurance cover you have bought. The schedule This provides the details specific to your policy such as no-claims discount, excesses and which parts of the policy apply (e.g. whether cover is comprehensive or third party fire and theft). You might be given an insurance cover note when you first take out your policy. This acts as a temporary certificate and policy document until the full documents are produced. It is really important that you check all your policy documentation to make sure that the details are correct and to get them amended quickly if they are not.
05/02/2012 12:45:14 Jo