After A Crash

What to do if I have a crash? If you are unfortunately involved in an accident, it’s important that you obtain as much information as you can. Clearly if you are injured or shocked this may not be possible at the time of the accident, but you might be able to return to the scene later on and take down some notes. If you can get information at the time, the things you should note down are;
  • The time, date and weather conditions on the day.
  • Contact details of any people involved (drivers, passengers or pedestrians) plus details of any witnesses to the accident. Always ask for the car insurance details of the other driver.
  • Vehicle details including registration, make, model and colour.
  • Name, identification number and details for any police officer who attends the scene.
  • If you have a camera, most people will have this in their mobile phone, take pictures.
03/03/2011 17:21:19 Jo