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Buildings insurance is designed to cover loss or damage to the physical structure of a property and some of the systems and permanent fixtures within it. This includes any permanent fixtures such as walls, roofs, ceilings, the central heating system and water pipes. Outbuildings such as a garage, conservatory or sheds can also be protected against damage. Buildings insurance covers the complete rebuild cost of the house (assuming that it would need to be rebuilt from scratch) as well as covering other damage that may not involve a total rebuild. does not provide an online home insurance quote comparison service, but you can access a range of home insurance brands over the phone through Call Connection. Call Connection owns the brand and it works with a large panel of insurance providers that can arrange cover for a wide range of building types, including timber framed buildings, buildings with thatched roofs, properties in subsidence and flood areas, and many other standard and non-standard constructions and conditions.

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