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Motor insurance is a legal requirement that provides cover in the event of accidents or thefts.

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Car insurance is a legal requirement and a major annual expense for UK drivers. With motor insurance premiums having increased considerably over the last few years, finding the right level of cover at the best possible price has never been more important. With both prices and policy cover varying from insurer to insurer, when getting a car insurance quote it is vital to look not just at the cost but also to understand the level of cover being bought. Does the policy include legal cover, breakdown cover, a courtesy car, windscreen cover and EU cover? What is the additional cost of paying by monthly instalments? What is the level of compulsory excess?

By using a site like to compare insurance from a wide range of different insurers and brokers, motorists have a better chance of finding both the right policy and of getting it at the right price.

Car insurance prices are driven by a whole range of what insurance companies call “risk factors”. These include age, postcode, the type and age of car, driving history, annual mileage and a myriad of other factors.

In order to get accurate car insurance quotes drivers must provide accurate information. Before starting a quote, have to hand the current policy documentation and any renewal letter received from an existing insurer. Also have to hand details of the car – make, model, age, annual mileage, purchase date and details of any modifications – and of any driving convictions or previous insurance claims.

For specific questions regarding motor insurance the answer may lie in our FAQs or in our Ask The Tiger forum. Alternatively, to ask a question about any aspect of car insurance, Ask The Tiger in person by sending us an email and we will have one of our expert team try to answer your query.

For more information, including advice on how to keep insurance premiums down, take a look at our Tiger Guides or the government’s Directgov motor insurance pages.

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Can Get You A Cheap Car Insurance Quote? has helped well over a million motorists in the UK to get cheaper motor insurance quotes and to help in their search for the right policy at the right price. Our panel of over 90 insurance brands includes both well-known companies and a wide range of more specialist insurers. These include several telematics (or “black box”) insurers as well as companies that specialise in modified vehicles or in finding insurance for drivers with convictions or with claims histories.

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And when it comes to price has lots of happy shoppers! Again using information from recent surveys* we discovered that over half of shoppers have saved £100 or more on their car insurance and nearly a third have saved £200 or more.*. So whether looking to insure a brand new performance car or an old runaround, whether only just qualified or an experienced driver, use to check whether renewal prices on offer are as good as they can be!

In just a few minutes and using a single quote form, can access cheap car insurance quotations from dozens of insurance brands. And with it is easy to compare these quickly and to see exactly what is included and what is not; to save the quote results for later review; and to securely save quote details for re-use at a later date.

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