Imported Car insurance

Imported Car Insurance

Imported car insurance is required in order to get cars imported from outside the UK on to the road. However, finding suitable insurance for an imported car can be complicated due to differences in car specifications.

Imported Car Insurance Quotes

Importing a car from overseas is becoming more and more popular for many reasons. It can often be cheaper to buy a car from abroad and some motorists prefer car specifications that cannot be found in cars available for purchase in the UK. can help to find the right imported car insurance policy.

Imported cars tend to be a higher risk for insurers predominantly because it is more difficult to source parts and therefore perform repairs in the event of an accident. Some imported cars do not adhere to European car build standards and the performance specification may increase the chances of the vehicle being involved in an accident. Because drivers of imported cars might experience higher than average insurance claims and therefore may face higher than average car insurance premiums, it is even more important to compare quotes in order to get the best deal.

What If The Car Is Imported From Outside Europe?

If a car is imported from countries outside of the European Union, such as Japan or the USA, the car is likely to be categorised as a "grey import". Some insurers may refuse to insure this type of vehicle at all and others may charge increased premiums. Cars of this nature have to be tested to make sure they comply with EU standards and they could also require additional work to be undertaken before being legally allowed to take to UK roads. For example, having the indicator bulbs changed to orange to comply with UK regulations.

Some vehicles can be imported from another country but may still feature a UK specification. These are categorised as "parallel imports". These vehicles tend to be easier to insure and less expensive than “grey imports” as insurance companies are more willing to provide cover for them.

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Tips For Saving Money On Import Car Insurance

  • Using to shop around for import car insurance can save drivers hundreds of pounds
  • Installing a Thatcham approved security device is another way to drive down the cost of import car insurance
  • Accepting a limited mileage policy (providing that it is not exceeded) usually lowers the price of an imported car insurance quote
  • Cheaper imported car insurance will often be offered to members of a driving club such as the Institute of Advanced Motorists
  • Adding modifications to a car can enhance performance but these are likely to cause imported car insurance costs to rise

At we understand import car insurance and can help drivers to find a great deal by accessing our premium panel of specialist insurers.

Because some specialist imported car insurers only offer quotes over the phone, also offers a telephone service via its Call Connection contact centre. For additional quotes or for instances when there are few online quotes, just call our friendly team on 0800 542 4162.

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