Womens Car insurance

Women's Car Insurance

Following the December 2012 European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling that gender may no longer be used as a factor in the pricing of car insurance, it is even more important to shop around for women’s car insurance.

Saving Money On Car Insurance For Women

Historically, female motorists have paid less than their male counterparts for car insurance due to the fact that they are statistically better risks for insurers. Unfortunately with the implementation of the EU Gender ruling, that is no longer the case – but it does not mean that great deals cannot be found!

Although gender is no longer a standalone factor in the pricing of car insurance for women drivers, other factors such as age, occupation, how many miles are driven and claims history are still taken into account along with a number of other factors and there are a few ways to keep premiums down:

  • The type of car driven has a substantial impact on how premiums are priced and the general rule of thumb is that the bigger the engine size, the higher the insurance premium. Other factors such as the vehicle specification and any modifications are also considered. So too is the cost of repairs and parts, which is one of the reasons why vehicles produced by more expensive manufacturers and imported cars command higher policy prices even if they have a relatively small engine.
  • Keeping annual mileage low generally reduces the insurance bill and limiting vehicle usage by only using a car for social purposes will also shave some more pounds off the cost.
  • Always make sure to compare prices from a range of companies and shop around every year rather than just accepting the renewal quote from an existing insurer. One word of warning here – make sure that policies are compared on a like-for-like basis as factors such as compulsory excess and policy extras will vary from insurer to insurer.

Just because driving statistics based solely on gender are no longer able to influence the cost of insurance for women drivers, it does not mean that women motorists have to miss out on benefits. Many car insurance providers will offer added extras like handbag cover as part of the standard policy cost and many female-friendly providers are still offering benefits and services designed with women in mind.

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