Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have a question? Well, the chances are that someone has already asked it. To help you out we have pulled together a list of the most frequently asked questions about car insurance, and the website. If you cannot find an answer here then head over to ask the Tiger where you can find answers to specific insurance questions.

How long is the online quote going to take?

This depends on individual circumstances, but we have designed the quote form to be simple and quick and it is fully accessible from hand held devices and tablets. Your quote results will be displayed within seconds and a full list of insurance providers and prices will be at your fingertips!

How does work?

We work with a wide range of partners from big brands to small brokers to ensure we can provide you with a wide range of quotes. asks every question that our insurance partners need to know in order to give you a quote. They are then able to provide a price based on your individual circumstances.

How do you make money?

Upon the sale of a policy, we receive a fixed amount of commission from the insurance partner who has sold the policy. We do not add any fee's and policy rates are not inflated to cover this fee.

Why are your prices different from other aggregators?

Our prices should be fairly consistent with other aggregators since we all work in similar ways. However; different aggregators offer different levels of excess and make different assumptions, which will account for most discrepancies. When obtaining insurance quotes from an aggregator site, read the assumptions and check the excess levels so you know what the cover entails. We have tried to make the quote process as transparent as possible, but if you do have any feedback please let us know by submitting your comments.

What sort of cover can I get?

We offer comparisons for third party fire and theft and for comprehensive cover. We also give you the option to include no claims protection if you want to protect your no claims discount.

How do no claims discounts work?

No claims discount is a discount you're given by the insurers based on the number of years that you've had a policy insured in your own name without making a claim.

I don't know my registration number can I still get a quote?

We have an excellent car lookup system, which should make finding the exact make and model of your car easy. It is worth noting though, not every insurer will quote you if you don't know the registration number and you will not be able to purchase a policy without one.

How do I know what's included in the policy?

On our quote screen we have done our best to show you as much as we can about what's covered by the policy. If you still have questions, the insurer sites should provide you with additional details and all optional extras.

How far in advance can I get a quote?

Most companies will only quote a month in advance due to the perpetually changing cost of insurance. If you're shopping around and save your quotes on the site, we will hold them for two days for you, after which they will expire. However, your details will remain so you can easily log-in, check and if necessary change, then resubmit for an up-to-date quote.