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Imagine that your car is stolen or written off in an accident. Many motorists believe that their car insurance policy will pay for a replacement vehicle. What many drivers do not realise, however, is that insurers will base this payment on the value of the car at the time of the incident rather than on the price that was paid for the car when it was bought.

This is where GAP ("guaranteed asset protection") insurance can help. Also known as car depreciation insurance, GAP insurance pays out in the event of a car being written off in a crash or if it is stolen. The amount paid out is the difference between the insurer’s payment to you and the value of the car when the GAP policy was bought.

For example, let's assume that you paid £15,000 for your car and took out a £13,000 loan to finance it. Imagine that your car is stolen and your insurer has paid out £7,000 to cover the value of the car at the time of the theft. However, you still owe £10,000 to the finance company and are liable for the full repayment of this debt. Without GAP insurance you would have to find another £3,000 in order to pay off this debt. With it, this amount will be funded by your GAP insurance policy.

With over 200,000 cars stolen each year and over 500,000 cars written off, GAP insurance is an increasingly popular proposition for UK motorists. has partnered with the specialists at Warranty Direct to offer a full range of GAP insurance policies and you can get a quote online in minutes today.

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