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Tiger Watch - April 2016

CAR INSURANCE PRICE SHOCK 16th May 2016 Download as PDF Car insurance premiums are continuing to rise, reaching record levels last month according to comparison site Britain's motorists are continuing to see their car insurance premiums soaring according to the latest Tiger Watch monitor from...
16/05/2016 10:41:03 Kevin


CAR INSURANCE MISERY FOR MILLIONS 29th March 2016 Download as PDF Car insurance premium inflation shows no sign of slowing.'s latest monthly price monitor shows rates in March 2016 hitting a new all-time high. Car insurance prices continued to rise in March according to comparison site Its latest 'Tiger...
29/03/2016 14:20:47 Kevin


CAR INSURANCE PRICE SHOCK 2nd February 2016 Download as PDF UK motorists who received their car insurance renewal notices in February will have been shocked to see their premiums soaring by over 30% compared to prices paid a year ago according to car insurance comparison site Inflation is rampant once again in the car insurance...
04/03/2016 12:23:28 Kevin


CAR INSURANCE PREMIUMS CONTINUE TO RISE 2nd February 2016 Download as PDF In 2015 car insurance prices increased by over 12% compared to the previous year, according to comparison site The site's latest January 2016 Tiger Watch results show that the increase in premiums has continued into the New Year. Each month car insurance...
02/02/2016 16:28:36 Kevin
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