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CAR INSURANCE PRICES CLIMB AGAIN has published its monthly car insurance price monitor data and it highlights more bad news for UK motorists, continuing the significant price hike trend that was first reported by the site a month ago. Last month provided Britain's drivers with the first indication of significant price increases being recorded, with renewal premiums soaring by 20% - the result of insurers hardening rates as they look to return to profitability.
19/10/2015 15:01:42 Kevin


The latest car insurance price monitor from comparison site shows that Britain's motorists are in for a rough ride as premiums soar by 20%. Car insurance prices rocketed this month according to the latest price monitor from comparison site Motorists with insurance renewals in September could be facing premiums over 20% higher than they paid a year ago, as insurers look to harden rates and return the industry to profitability.
25/09/2015 13:07:08 Kevin

Rollercoaster Insurance Ride For Motorists - Tiger Watch August 2015, the car insurance comparison site, has released its latest monthly Tiger Watch price monitor and the results paint a mixed picture for the UK's 30 million drivers. Every month comparison site analyses the car insurance quote results for a set of driver profiles and uses the results in its Tiger Watch monitor, providing the UK's most up to date snapshot of car insurance price trends. Last month's figures were uneasy reading for Britain's motorists, with...
01/09/2015 14:09:09 Mike

Car Insurance Prices Rocket - Tiger Watch July 2015

Drivers who renewed renew their car insurance in July may have been shocked by some massive increases in premiums according to a leading car insurance comparison site, The site looks at hundreds of car insurance quotes each month in order to produce its Tiger Watch monitor - Britain's most up to date snapshot of car insurance price trends. The July results are uncomfortable reading for motorists, with rates bouncing back to near-record levels following a dip in pricing in...
05/08/2015 09:06:19 Kevin
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