Advice To Bikers At The Start Of The Motorbike Season

Popular motor insurance comparison website provides advice on vehicle checks for motorcyclists getting ready for the motorbike season. As the weather grows warmer across much of the UK, many bikers will use the opportunity to dust off their motorcycles and venture out onto the road to make use of the improved riding conditions., a popular motorbike insurance website, is encouraging motorbike riders out and about on their bikes during the busier periods to take extra care when riding and make sure they complete a few simple checks before setting off. Start Of The Motorbike Season advises all bikers to give their vehicles a thorough check over – particularly if the vehicle has been locked up in a garage during the winter months. There are some simple checks which can be carried out without having to take the bike to a professional mechanic. The motorcycle should be given a good visual inspection before the engine is started; the condition of the oil needs to be checked as do the oil levels, riders should also check for any potential oil leaks. Riders should also make sure the battery is charged, check the tyres are properly inflated and check the cable lubricant, the brake fluid and the coolant level. If the motorbike has been left resting over the winter bikers are advised to drain the fuel tank, clean it and fill it up again, this should remove any air in the tank which may have moisture in it. Once a biker is happy with these things it should be safe to turn on the engine, making sure it is allowed to warm up without over revving. Once the engine is up and running the lights can be checked, including the indicators. The engine cut-out switch should also be checked to make sure it still works. Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director at commented, “Our practical advice aims to provide general information on how to prepare your bike for the summer season, particularly if it has been kept in storage for some time. We have written a more comprehensive guide to preparing your bike for the summer which is hosted on our site alongside many other useful guides for motorists. If motorists who visit the site think that there is anything we have missed or if they would like to extend the list with extra checks, they can do so by visiting the site and leaving comments in our new comments section. We are continually building our bike insurance panel and now feature 37 motorbike insurance brands. Any dedicated rider will hopefully benefit from a visit to the site to see if we can save them any money and pick up useful tips for the coming season” Visit for more information and great deals on bike insurance, car insurance quotes, and van insurance.
24/04/2013 13:34:57 Eren
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