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Car insurance comparison site is re-launching its affiliate partner programme with a new suite of online advertising. Join The Affiliate Partner Program The advertising campaign features a “Save £300 on car insurance” message and targets younger drivers, women and those who could benefit from taking out a telematics based car insurance product. The affiliate programme offers website owners across all sectors the opportunity to offer’s van, bike and car insurance comparison services to their site visitors. Affiliate partner companies are able to generate commissions based on sales of insurance policies to shoppers that are referred from their sites. was launched in 2009 and is now an established independent motor insurance comparison site, offering quotes from well over 150 insurance brands, including 12 telematics brands, via its unique and simple Easyfill quote form. The growth in the number of telematics insurance products offered on the site means that it now features more of these products than any other comparison site, a claim which has been the inspiration behind the telematics theme in one of the new campaigns. Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director for the site, commented: “We have been operating an affiliate programme since March 2011 and since then, have established some strong partnerships. We survey the shoppers who have bought a policy through the site regularly to find out how much they have saved and have found that nearly thirty percent of shoppers are saving £300 or more against their renewal price by using That, along with the growth of our insurer panel and the additional telematics brands that we have been adding has led to us to develop some new advertising for affiliate partners to use to promote the programme. We hope that these new online ads offer both our existing and new affiliate partners support in generating revenue from the programme.” The new online advertisements and more information on how to offer your customers car insurance quotes via the affiliate programme can be found here (
04/06/2013 08:50:14 Eren
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