Always Declare Modifications Warns

Always declare any modifications when buying motor insurance, warns popular insurance comparison site If a driver needs to make a claim and the insurer finds that their car has modifications that they did not declare when the car was insured, they may not pay out and potentially leave the driver open to prosecution for fraud.

It is often more difficult to find a good quote for a modified car than it is for an unmodified car. Some insurance providers will not cover a car which has been modified and others will charge a substantial extra fee to insure them. Research carried out by showed that just by adding alloy wheels to a to a 2 year old VW Golf (driven by a 35 year old male with a clean driving licence) a driver can add as much 13% to a car insurance premium, if a driver added a performance modification like a tuned engine it could put the same driver’s insurance premium up by a massive 67%. This rise in premiums was even more noticeable in younger drivers, a 25 year old driver with the same details and a tuned engine could see their insurance premium go up by 76%.

With such steep premium rises, the temptation is always there for a driver to leave modifications undeclared, but this can lead to severe consequences. If the driver was involved in an accident and it turned out that they had undeclared modifications, their insurance may be invalidated, this could not only cost the driver a considerable amount of money but also leave them open to prosecution for fraud. On top of this, if the insurance company refuses to pay out other insurance companies may avoid doing business with the driver in the future.

Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director at commented, “Finding cheap car modified car insurance is always going to be hard, however it’s not impossible especially if you use a website like to compare car insurance. While it could be tempting to overlook your modifications when filling out your motor insurance form we urge drivers to be honest, if the insurance is going to be too pricey it might even be worth having the modification removed. Having insurance claims refused can cause serious problems for drivers, they will be liable to pay for damage from their own pockets but they will be open for prosecution and will find it hard to get insurance in the future.”

21/11/2012 15:13:01 Eren
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