Car Insurance Comparison Site Adds New Brand

04th January 2012 Car insurance comparison site recently introduced Zenith Insurance to its panel of insurance partners. The Zenith Group is known for its broad range of insurance products including non-standard cover. They are able to offer cover to younger drivers, mature drivers aged up to 80 years old, those owning high performance vehicles and those who own modified cars. Many drivers are unaware of the increases in car insurance costs that can be incurred if manufacturers’ standard models are modified in any way.  The addition of non-standard paintwork; alloy wheels engine modifications; body kits or other “customised” features can potentially add hundreds of pounds to yearly insurance premiums. Offering non-standard cover means that Zenith is able to take a more flexible approach to pricing. A spokesperson for the car insurance comparison site, commented: “We are very happy to have Zenith on board. We pride ourselves on providing a range of products to suit the varied needs of all our shoppers. As few insurers offer non-standard cover to people in certain age groups, or those who like to drive modified vehicles can sometimes find it difficult to compare car insurance as there are not many providers on the market. We are aware that many drivers have specialist circumstances so our advice is always to shop around for the best deals using a car insurance comparison site like The addition of Zenith to the panel means we can currently offer shoppers access to 152 brands across bike, van and car insurance”.
05/01/2012 16:15:06 Mike
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