Car Insurance Comparison Site Calls For Bigger Fines

6th December 2011

With an estimated 1 in 25 UK drivers not being insured, car insurance comparison site today added its weight to calls for the government to do more to help tackle a problem that costs insured drivers an estimated £30 each per year, adding up to a massive £380 million.

To put the UK figures into context, they are estimated to be the second worst in Europe, with only Greece having a higher percentage of uninsured drivers on the roads. Germany, by contrast, has some 20 times fewer uninsureds, with just 1 in 500 not having a policy.

The UK problem is particularly evident in younger drivers and is likely to worsen as young drivers car insurance has become more unaffordable. And the problem doesn’t just hit UK motorists in the pocket. Estimates from the ABI suggest that uninsured drivers are much more likely to be involved in road traffic accidents as well as other criminal activity.

A spokesperson for popular car insurance comparison site,, called on the government to take greater action against those caught driving with no car insurance: “We welcomed the introduction of the Continuous Insurance Enforcement scheme in June but enforcement needs to go hand in glove with penalties. At present the minimum (and usual) fixed penalty is just £200 and 6 penalty points, just a fraction of the cost of a young drivers car insurance policy. So essentially there’s little incentive to insure.

What we’d like to see is a much stiffer minimum penalty. Whilst increased fines might have little effect given that many of those convicted will be unable to pay, we would like the government to consider automatic confiscation of vehicles and automatic disqualification from driving.”

06/12/2011 16:36:05 Mike
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