Car Insurance Comparison Site Issues Drink Drive Warning

14th December 2011 This Christmas many drivers will be attending work or other parties. However, with these comes increased danger on the roads in the form of drink driving. This danger is responsible for 14% of deaths on the road. Car insurance comparison site has looked at its data and this confirms a huge spike in drink driving convictions in January. This is down to the high number of parties happening in December and the New Year and the seasonal crackdown from the Police. Contrary to common wisdom, drivers cannot accurately know whether they are over the limit just by counting units of alcohol. The legal limit is 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood, 35mg of per 100ml of breath or 107mg per 100ml of urine. These levels are obviously affected by the amount someone drinks but they also depend on the driver’s weight, gender, age, how much and how recently they have eaten, their metabolism and their stress levels all affect how quickly they will process alcohol. Drink driving is actually a criminal offence as opposed to a traffic offence such as speeding. This means that drivers caught drink driving will be sentenced by a magistrate. This can happen within a week or so of the offence happening but over Christmas this can take longer. This is not the case nationally. Following a successful trial last year Kent Police will be using a video link to a magistrate’s court allowing a driver to be sentenced in about 90 minutes. Those convicted could face prison, a fine, a driving ban and get a criminal record. On top of this a drink driving conviction will increase the cost of a driver’s car insurance, provided they can find a company that will quote – some insurers may refuse to provide car insurance to drivers convicted of drink driving. Furthermore, a criminal record could have huge implications in terms of employment and other aspects of a driver’s life. A spokesperson for leading car insurance comparison site commented, “Many people don’t think about the huge implications of drink driving. By drink driving you are not only putting yourself but other drivers and road users at risk and if you are caught you’ll continue to pay for it. A driving ban would have a knock on effect on your employment and at the very least your car insurance premiums could easily double as a result.”
14/12/2011 16:37:43 Jo
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