Car Insurance for Young Drivers Sold Fraudulently by Aston Midshires

Ipswich, 24th January 2012

The police, Financial Services Authority, and Trading Standards are investigating the selling of invalid car insurance policies by an apparently fraudulent insurance company going by the name of Aston Midshires Insurance, allegedly based in Leicestershire.

The company traded over the internet to sell fraudulent policies to those looking for young driver car insurance. Innocent motorists were attracted by the competitive prices offered to new drivers and learner drivers. However, it has emerged that there could be many drivers on the road without appropriate cover after several complaints started to come in from drivers who were unable to contact the company.

The company had claimed to be based in Enderby but it has since taken down its website and ceased to answer calls. The landlord of the office building it claimed to be registered at has recently announced that the company never had offices at that address.

Drivers who have been affected by this seemingly fraudulent activity will not be covered if they have an accident. Not only that, there are also consequences for other drivers who may suffer the misfortune of being involved in an accident with an uninsured driver.

A spokesperson from the popular car insurance comparison site commented, “This is shocking news and will come as an expensive blow to those young drivers who have fallen foul of it. If you believe you may have purchased an invalid policy from Aston Midshires you should check whether your car insurance is as authentic by running a check on the Motor Insurance Database (MID). If you visit you can run a vehicle search on your own vehicle for free. We cannot stress enough the importance of using authentic channels such as car insurance comparison sites like when looking for, and purchasing insurance. All of the insurance companies featured on the site are registered with the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and as such, we can offer UK drivers assurance that policies sold through are authentic and legitimate for driving on the roads in the UK. If there are any young drivers out there who are worried that they may have been a victim of fraud, the FSA keeps a record of all known insurance scams on their website at visit the site to find out more”.

25/01/2012 15:26:35 Mike
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