Car Insurance Pricing Update From

The analysts at comparison site examine thousands of car insurance quotes each month to produce Tiger Watch, the UK's most up-to-date car insurance price monitor. Since the start of 2010 , Tiger Watch has recorded monthly variances in car insurance pricing and the latest figures make good reading for most motorists, with rates down over 15 % when compared to premium prices of a year ago.

The reduction in pricing has been especially marked for younger drivers, with male and female motorists in Tiger Watch's 20 year old profiles seeing rates fall by between 23% and 32% compared to February 2013 estimates.

Commenting on the latest Tiger Watch results, Andrew Goulborn,'s Commercial Director, said: "It's good news for UK drivers that car insurance prices are dropping year-on-year. Our monthly Tiger Watch index shows that February 2014 prices are at around the same as those we saw in July 2010. Competition amongst insurers and the anticipation of a the effect of a number of fraud prevention initiatives are all helping to drive premiums down".

18/02/2014 16:12:46 Mike
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