Tiger.co.uk Car Insurance Survey Results

A recent survey of customers who purchased car insurance using leading motor insurance site Tiger.co.uk has revealed that over 80% of the customers have saved £50 or more against their existing motor insurance renewal price. Tiger.co.uk’s survey was carried out on customers who purchased a policy between August and November 2012 and asked questions relating to speed of getting a quote, savings and how easy the site was to use. The results have shown an improvement on the last survey, showing that nearly 30% of shoppers saved more than £300 and more than 80% of shoppers saved more than £50.  This is encouraging news for drivers in the UK who are on the lookout for cheaper insurance. Survey Pie Chart Tiger Watch, the monthly price monitor published by Tiger.co.uk shops that prices have dropped slightly compared to last year  however some drivers are still suffering from the impact of inflation. Female motorists in the UK are currently witnessing increases in premiums as the EU Gender Directive comes in to force in December 2012, they are one particular group who will certainly be on the lookout for a better deal. As part of a continuing initiative to ensure constant improvement of the car insurance comparison service, the Tiger.co.uk’s survey also asked customers how easy it was to use the site and how fast it was for customers to obtain quotes. These questions both obtained favourable results; 91% of visitors to the site stated that the site was either easy or very easy to use and 92% said the site was either quick or very quick to obtain quotes from, when compared to other insurance comparison sites. Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director for Tiger.co.uk commented: “We are very pleased to see the results of our survey continue to demonstrate not only that we are succeeding in delivering cheaper car insurance quotes to our customers at a time when driving is becoming more expensive but we are also providing a fast and easy to use service.  These results show a general improvement upon the last survey which shows that all the efforts that we are making to improve the site, introduce new brands and offer good deals are paying off. This will definitely provide incentive to continue to improve our service going forward!”
06/12/2012 16:33:09 Eren
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