Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers Needed

24th November 2011 Shadow Transport Secretary John Woodcock will this week use the platform of the ABI conference to call for the development of new car insurance products to help solve Britain’s growing unemployment problem. Over one million young adults are out of work and problems with transport to and from job locations is increasingly a factor in this. With car insurance for young drivers being increasingly unaffordable, job seekers in rural areas or living in towns with poor public transport links may well be disadvantaged in the workplace. Mr. Woodcock will suggest that the development of a “travel to work only” motor policy could be of great assistance to 17 to 24 year-olds seeking work. Car insurance comparison site welcomed the introduction of further debate on this, citing the application of telematics technology as being a key enabler. A spokesperson commented, “Telematics technology would enable insurance providers to apply specific timebands and geographic restrictions to policies that could be tailored to individual drivers. This makes a “travel to work only” policy at least feasible and is an area worthy of further debate. Young drivers have been hit by 50%+ policy rate inflation in the last 18 months and we would welcome any initiative that helps get young, insured drivers on to the road. In the meantime we would urge all drivers to use a car insurance comparison site like to compare car insurance quotes from a range of providers in order to find the right level of cover at the best possible price”.
25/11/2011 09:08:49 Jo
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