Citroën’s Telematics Insurance Development

Citroën are making an attempt to reduce car insurance for younger drivers by being the first vehicle manufacturer to integrate a telematics insurance capability into the new Citroën C1. Inflated car insurance prices for young drivers have resulted in many young drivers being priced off the road completely. The introduction of “telematics” (or “black box”) car insurance has enabled many younger drivers to afford to insure their cars. French car manufacturer Citroën is providing an incentive for young drivers to own and insure a new car by fitting its C1 Connexion special edition model with a telematics box. Young motorists can now drive away with a new Citroën C1 Connexion for £109 per month plus deposit with a year’s free insurance. The Citroën insurance available as part of this offer is free for young drivers who have two years’ no claims discount (NCD). Thanks to the fitting of the telematics device, Citroën is also offering discounted cover to drivers with one year's NCD or even zero year's NCD. Telematics car insurance works by fitting a small black box in the car which collects data on the driver’s driving habits. Information collected - such as the period of day driven, the roads driven on, braking and acceleration behaviour, the speed driven and the mileage driven- is recorded and used to formulate the premium. Furthermore, renewal premiums are calculated based on the first 12 months driving, providing a chance for younger drivers to be rewarded for safe driving with lower car insurance premiums in the future The initiative by Citroën provides young motorists with an affordable solution, allowing them to own and insure a new car and gain precious driving experience for the future. Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director of car insurance comparison site, commented: “We have seen telematics car insurance increase in popularity not only amongst younger drivers but also with older motorists too. At we feature more telematics insurance providers than any other car insurance comparison site and believe that telematics car insurance provides an opportunity for motorists to take more control of their premiums through the way they drive. This is particularly beneficial for young drivers as telematics car insurance rewards safe driving and can provide substantial discounts compared to standard policies. The initiative offered by Citroën a step in the right direction in tackling high car insurance prices for young drivers.”
02/05/2013 10:13:20 Eren
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