Could New Cars Be A Better Option For Young Drivers?

A recent study has suggested that younger drivers could be safer driving new cars, investigates.

Research conducted by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAB) looking at road accidents and fatalities amongst male drivers under the age of twenty has implied that motorists in this group could be safer in newer cars.

The research revealed that those who have died as a result of a car accident in this group were more likely to have been driving an older car that had fewer safety features and may have been in poor condition. According to the IAM it is these factors that could make the difference between being severely injured in an accident or escaping.

Young drivers who are trying to save money need not be alarmed though, seeking out cars that are in insurance groups 3 or below should help lower the cost of young drivers insurance and Neil Greig, Director of Research at IAM, admitted: “There are plenty of used cars that will be almost as good - you do need to do some thorough research though.”

Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director for insurance comparison site, commented: “The findings by the IAM are important but clearly buying a new car is not an option for everyone and there are plenty of used cars out there that are in very good condition. Making sure that you do your research prior to any tyre kicking will certainly help, and when you are out an about evaluating vehicles make sure you have a good idea what to look out for. We have published a great cheap car insurance for young drivers so it worth looking those up if you are going to be seeking out a new set of wheels soon.”

30/08/2012 11:02:15 Eren
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