Does Your Car Choice Determine Your Driving Style?

Many congratulations to the owners of Daewoo vehicles, confirmed as the UK’s most law-abiding motorists according to results published by UK insurance comparison website In comparison at the top of the list surprisingly Saab, then Chrysler and Porsche owners are three times more likely to have driving convictions on their driving licence than Daewoo motorists. So it seems that from these set of results that the car you drive has a direct relationship with the way that UK motorists drive. released its examination of nearly 1 million car insurance quotes that have occurred on their insurance comparison website producing a league table of car marques with conviction history. This has been calculated by taking the percentage of drivers of each car marquee that have disclosed to have a motoring conviction, from an AC10 to an XX99 in the last five years. On average 12% of drivers who had visited the site and requested car insurance quotes had a motoring conviction of some description, however when the data was analysed by car manufacturer a very distinct pattern occurred. It was apparent that drivers of more powerful, prestige models of cars were more likely to have had a driving conviction on their license. Less surprising for the Porsche and BMW owners, however more surprising for the introvert image of Saab and Volvo drivers which unpredictably are both nearly twice as likely as Renault, Nissan or Citroen drivers to have had a motoring conviction. Below is the full league table: Car Marque and Driver Conviction Source: car quote data Andrew Goulborn,’s Commercial Director, commented: “It’s interesting to see this data and I’m sure that motorists will decide whether this fits with their own experience on the roads. There’s a fairly clear correlation here between the power of a vehicle and the likelihood of a driver picking up penalty points – primarily of course for speeding. We would encourage all drivers of all car marques to stay within the law and drive safely. Remember that in this instance, points certainly don’t lead to prizes! In fact they will lead to considerably higher car quotes”.
19/03/2012 11:08:31 Eren
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