Dont Let The Kids Drive You To Distraction

Leading car insurance comparison site comments on a series of tips published by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) to prevent drivers being distracted by children on long journeys. Avoid Distraction By Children In The Car A recent survey highlighted by the Daily Mail showed that nearly 95% of parents admitted that a child having a tantrum in the car caused them to take their attention off the road. Back in March 2013, the IAM published a series of tips on how to prevent children from distracting the driver. These tips included:
  • Keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front which will allow more time to react in the event of a hazard presenting itself.
  • Keeping the children occupied with games.
  • Making sure headphones are available if portable gadgets are taken on board as the noise from those can be as distracting as the children.
  • Stopping more frequently than normal to allow the children to stretch their legs and let off steam.
  • Keeping bags or a bowl on hand in case of travel sickness.
  • Having a second adult on board to help look after the children.
  • If the children are fighting or causing a distraction, find somewhere to stop and deal with it rather than taking your eyes of the road.
Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director of car insurance comparison site, commented: “While most of these tips seem like common sense some are easily forgotten by parents. has recently published a guide to in car entertainment for children which contains word games, further tips on how to keep them occupied and a downloadable pack of activities designed to help parents in this situation. Our aim is to publish content like this to offer our customers more than just a car insurance comparison service. You can find our tips to keeping children entertained on car journeys in the guide section of our site under the help and info tab at the top right of our homepage”
31/05/2013 09:31:58 Eren
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