Essential Tips For Caravan Owners

Whether you are an experienced or novice caravan owner, you may well benefit from reading the tips on preparing your caravan for a holiday published by According to figures published by the AA in 2012 there are well over 500,000 caravans on the road within the UK. Caravanning is a simple pastime, but it takes a little more planning than just packing a gas cylinder and water container before you set off. The freedom of being able to drive around with a home on wheels does come with responsibilities. With this in mind, popular car insurance comparison site has published some handy tips on preparing the vehicle for a summer holiday.
  • Load the caravan up correctly: Items should be packed centrally with heavy items at floor level or in the boot of the car. Heavy items kept in the caravan can cause undue stress on the vehicle. Pack items centrally above the axle to keep the centre of gravity low.
  • Obey the laws of the road: Remember that the speed limit for towing vehicles is 60 miles per hour on dual carriageways and motorways and you need to make sure that you have type approved tow brackets and mirrors fitted.
  • Make sure that there is breakdown cover in place: Many breakdown policies will only recover a caravan when it is alongside recovering a broken down car. If you are in any doubt it could be worth joining one of the major caravanning clubs to sign up to a specialist breakdown scheme.
  • Check the tyres and general maintenance: If the caravan only comes out of the garage once a year, it is important to check tyre tread and pressure, lights and brakes. Do not forget to check inside too, check carbon monoxide levels and that gas and electrical appliances are working effectively.
  • Do not exceed the MTPLM (maximum technical permissible laden mass): Make sure that you understand what this is and that you are not exceeding it. If you are in any doubt use a weighbridge to find out. This is really important because if you are involved in an accident and challenged by the police or caravan insurance company the reading will be used to provide evidence.
Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director of motor insurance comparison site, commented: “This is good advice for any caravan owner, whether a wizened caravanner or someone who is new to it. Caravans need to be looked after and owners should be aware of things like, the fact that if the van is not packed correctly it can invalidate your caravan insurance policy. Here at we do more than offer just bike, van and car insurance, we also offer motorhome and caravan insurance too. For more information on these, and may other products look in the motoring section of the insurance menu on the site.”
12/07/2013 13:44:52 Eren
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