Guide to Car Insurance Groups Released by

Popular motor insurance comparison site has published a guide to car insurance groups to add to the library of motoring information available to users of its website.

The Guides provide site users with important information regarding insurance and motoring related subjects so that they are able to make more knowledgeable decisions when buying motor insurance products or to provide advice on a wide range of driving matters.

The guide provides an explanation on how motor insurance groups are calculated, who is responsible for assigning cars to different insurance groups and how this influences car insurance quotes. The aim of the guide is to provide motorists with knowledge that will enable them to understand the differences in insurance prices if they are considering replacing their existing car with cars from different insurance groups.

The guide provides simple explanations on why different cars have different insurance groups and how cars are allocated to groups, providing information on what features of a car will dictate the insurance grouping such as cost of parts, repair time, performance, value and security.

Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director of commented: “We are working hard to offer shoppers more than just the ability to compare car insurance quotes on Our insurance panel is growing and now features over 90 motor insurance partners for our shoppers to choose from. Having listened to shopper feedback we thought that this type of additional information would be welcomed. Visitors to the site can access all of this under the “Info” area of the site, which is found at the top right of the homepage.”

31/10/2012 11:58:31 Eren
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