Guide to Drink Driving Released By has added another online guide to driving offences; the latest edition is a guide to drink driving offences. is always striving to keep car insurance quotes as low as possible for your customers. The popular comparison website has released a guide to drink driving, the second in a series of guides on driving convictions. Statistics show that despite great progress being made over the last three decades with the number of motorists convicted for drink driving offences falling significantly, still one in five motor accidents in the UK are drink related. Insurance comparison website previously released a guide to mobile phone driving offences earlier in the year and will now focus their attention to drink driving in the next guide. The guide highlights information on the likely punishments for being convicted of drunk driving, ranging from a 12 month driving disqualification to imprisonment. Not to mention that finding car insurance after such as conviction would be very difficult and likely to be very expensive. Also the guide provides information on the legal drink drive limits, what these limits converts to in measures (e.g. pint of larger) and how the effect of alcohol can differ per individual (e.g. Weight, Gender). The guide also provides information on The Road Traffic Act of 1988 and how this law permits police to carry out a breath test on any driver not only on suspicion of driving whilst over the legal limit but also if the driver has committed a driving offence or has been involved in an accident. Importantly, the guide provides information on how driving under the influence of alcohol has a negative effect on driving and increases the chances of having an accident. At a time when UK motorists are under more pressure financially than ever before, keeping driving convictions and accidents to a minimum is very important. However the drink driving guide (link to guide here) aims to go beyond saving money on motor insurance but raising awareness on how drink driving can and has ruined many people’s lives and how it is important to take it very seriously. Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director of the popular car insurance comparison website commented: “We have to remember that it is not only the individual who is putting his or her life at risk if driving over the legal limit but the lives of others as well including passengers, other motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists. As a nation we have made great strides in educating motorists on this matter but it is evident that we need to do more as we are still seeing far too many cases of motorists being convicted for drink related offences. This guide is intended to help make the roads safer for all motorists. Keeping motoring convictions – including those in relation to drink driving - off licences will keep insurance costs lower and, more importantly, help to make roads safer. ”
01/06/2012 09:00:19 Eren
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