Guide To Driving Abroad

Car insurance comparison website is developing its informative content for its motor insurance shoppers. The comparison website has released a guide to driving abroad to add to its library of motoring content. Guide To Driving Abroad From With summer close at hand thousands of British motorists will be taking their cars with them on their summer holidays both in the UK and abroad. Taking this into consideration, has released a guide to driving abroad, not only to prepare motorists for the journey but also providing information on the driving laws in Europe, which can differ from country to country. It is important that before any long journey that general vehicle checks are made to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. For instance, the correct tyre pressure is important particularly if the vehicle will be laden with luggage. Headlight adjusters will need to be fitted if travelling to Europe. Drivers are also adviced to check the level of European insurance cover that is included in their car insurance policy. The second section of the guide covers some motoring law information for popular destinations in Europe such as France, Italy, Spain and Germany. Motoring laws are different from country to county. In France a breathalyser kit will need to be carried. In Spain if the driver wears glasses then a spare pair must be carried . In Italy some roads in towns can only be used by locals or those with permits. In Germany, contrary to popular belief, 80% of autobahns have a speed limit. Many UK drivers are unaware of these regulations and end up returning from a holiday with fines and convictions, turning their dream holiday into a nightmare. feels that preparing for a holiday trip correctly and adhering to European driving legislation will help to ensure an uninterrupted – and potentially cheaper - journey. Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director of commented: “Driving to holiday destinations is very popular despite rising motoring costs – it can still be much cheaper than flying, especially for families in peak holiday periods. Many motorists may be unaware of how driving laws differ from country to country and can often run into trouble, making their holiday a stressful experience. Having listened to shopper feedback, we thought that this type of additional information would be useful. Visitors to the site can access all of this under the “Info” area of the site, at the top right of the homepage.”
14/05/2013 08:32:36 Eren
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