Guide To Imported Car Insurance Released

Popular insurance comparison website has released a guide to imported car insurance on its site. Imported car owners or enthusiasts will probably be aware that arranging motor insurance for an imported vehicle can sometimes be tricky. With that in mind, has published a comprehensive guide to imported car insurance to help visitors to its site. was launched in early 2009 and is one of the most highly regarded independent insurance comparison sites, offering UK motorists access to over 150 insurance brands across van, bike and motor insurance. The website has been developing guide content for some time to offer its shoppers support when researching and purchasing motor insurance and other financial products. There are often questions that shoppers searching for motor insurance need to resolve before they buy, particularly for more specialist vehicles such as imported cars. Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director for insurance comparison site, commented: “The addition of a Guide To Imported Car Insurance is part of our continued commitment to offer our shoppers more than just the ability to compare car insurance quotes and we will continue to add more guides over the coming year. Having listened to shopper feedback, we thought that this type of additional information would be welcomed. Visitors to the site can access all of this under the “info” area of the site, which is linked at the top right of the homepage.”
11/02/2013 13:30:21 Eren
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