Guide to Mobile Phone Driving Offences Released by has released an online guide to driving offences, specifically using a mobile phone when driving. is always striving to keep car insurance quotes as low as possible for our customers. That is why we will be releasing guides on driving convictions, the first edition focusing on driving while using a mobile phone or mobile device. With the use of mobile phones, smart phones and tablets increasing all the time, ROSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) has identified an increase in mobile phone related driving offences since 2009. So this is clearly a relevant issue that is important to address. The first thing that the guide looks at is the likely punishments for breaking this law. For minor cases this can be a £60 fine and three penalty points. For major offences the punishment can be a £1000 fine and even prosecution! Reading the guide will reveal the definition of a mobile device, what you can do to stay within the limits of the law and what actions are prohibited. For example, holding a phone in your hand to answer a call is an offence but operating a phone in a cradle whilst driving is perfectly legal. There are always exceptions and these are identified too. For instance, you can use your mobile phone whilst driving in an emergency situation, using a hands free kit and if you are a cyclist then the law does not actually apply at all. The most important issue that the guide addresses though is how using a mobile phone affects your driving. Results have shown that, when using a mobile phone whilst behind the wheel,  driving performance deteriorates and the probability of having an accident increases dramatically. Having points on your licence or being involved in an accident is something all motorists want to avoid, especially with the cost of driving increasing. More importantly, the roads will be a safer place for everyone, something with which Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director of agrees: “Reminding drivers about mobile phone motoring law is important because with the hectic lives many of us lead it can be very tempting to pick up the phone whilst driving. We felt that the danger of mobile phone usage whilst driving might not always get as much exposure in the media as other offences such as speeding or drink driving but it’s certainly dangerous. This guide is aimed not just at our site users but is designed to help make the roads safer for all motorists. Keeping motoring convictions – including those in relation to mobile phone use - off licenses will keep insurance costs lower and, more importantly, help to make roads safer.” To read the guide please visit our Guide section of the site here -  /tiger-guides/guide-to-driving-offences-mobile-phone-use/
29/03/2012 07:30:09 Eren
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