Improved Road Safety Via Telematics

Many younger motorists are increasingly turning to telematics-based car insurance in order to find lower cost policies. Telematics technology allows insurers to base premiums on drivers' actual driving behaviour as well as rating factors such as age, driving experience and address. Using either a smartphone app or a small black box to measure factors such as acceleration and deceleration, speed, time of day and distance driven, safer driving can be rewarded with lower car insurance costs., an independent car insurance comparison site, offers its site users more telematics -based brands than other comparison sites and these polices now account for over 15% of its sales. is now highlighting the benefits of black box insurance technology that go beyond cost savings and that could deliver major safety improvements for all road users as well as those using this telematics technology. RoSPA - The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents - published a report earlier this year in the form of its "Road Safety And In-Vehicle Monitoring (Black Box) Technology" policy paper. It highlights some of these safety benefits. The driving feedback provided to drivers should encourage and ultimately reward those who choose a telematics policy - especially younger drivers - and this will lead to safer roads for all. One insurance company has estimated a 20% lower accident rate amongst its young drivers who use telematics devices. The RoSPA paper also, however, highlights other potential benefits:
  • Data from the telematics devices can provide research into overall driving behaviours that could help to shape future road safety campaigns.
  • Location-based data can help to identify safety problems such as potential accident hot spots on our road network.
  • For businesses using telematics technology across fleets of vehicles, the ability to monitor and assess drivers and to use this data to improve safety and reduce crash rates is clear: The paper showcases studies that have seen the use of monitoring devices lead to reductions in accidents of 20% to 38% by business users.
  • The early and automatic notification of the emergency services to serious accidents when a telematics device records a dramatic deceleration.
Commenting on the RoSPA paper,'s Commercial Director was keen to support the findings: "The RoSPA paper covers many of the non-financial benefits of telematics-based car insurance. currently carries a dozen telematics brands on the site and we see increasing numbers of drivers - particularly younger drivers - buying this kind of policy. To date, not enough has been made of the safety benefits that telematics can deliver. Additionally, policies based on in-car black boxes can provide a tracker service in the event of car theft".
28/05/2013 14:34:33 Eren
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