Increase In Drink Driving Road Casualties

Data issued by the Department of Transport shows the level of drink driving related personal injury accidents on UK public roads in 2011. Car insurance comparison website has examined figures released by the Department of Transport that illustrate the number of fatal accidents involving motorists who were over the drink driving limit increased from 220 in 2010 to 260 in 2011. This 18% increase also mirrored the number of people killed in drink driving related accidents, with figures rising by 12% from 250 to 280 over the same period. Recent figures confirm that in 2011 15% of all fatalities in road accidents involved drink driving; the disappointing figures in 2011 follow on from 2010 which saw one of the lowest drink driving fatality rates in the last 30 years. Brake, the independent road safety charity, has called for zero tolerance on drink and drug driving. Their ”Not a Drop, Not a Drag” campaign is calling on the government to introduce tougher laws on enforcement, to make it easier to prosecute offenders and to invest more resources in catching motorists who are over the limit. Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive at Brake, said: "Drink drive deaths and serious injuries cause terrible suffering and anguish and they are entirely preventable, so it's appalling they increased last year. We want to see a zero tolerance approach to this deadly menace, from the public and the government. We appeal to drivers to commit to never driving after drinking any amount – even one small drink – and everyone to stand up to drink driving." Non-profit organisation Don’t Be That Someone has taken an educational route to tackle the problem by devising a programme aimed at 14 – 18 year olds. They have developed a programme with three bespoke lesson plans and two documentaries. The campaign also looks at issues such as peer group pressure; the responsibility of passengers; the after effects of causing serious injury or death; and the possible consequences for families and the wider community. It is being used by police forces, local authorities, youth offending teams, fire and rescue services and schools but is yet to be rolled out nationally. Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director for, commented: "It's very disappointing to see the figures rising last year, especially as we have seen such a significant improvements in this area in the last 30 years. Earlier this year we released a guide to drink driving to help raise awareness for our site users regarding this issue. Of course we want to people to come to our site to find cheap car insurance, but we also want to emphasise road safety as the two are closely related. We would like to congratulate organisations such as Brake and Don't Be That Someone who are doing fantastic work to actively tackle drink driving in the UK"
12/09/2012 10:31:09 Eren
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