Insurance Jargon Buster Released By

Car insurance comparison website has launched a car insurance jargon buster to help anyone who is shopping around to find a new policy. Has Launched A Car Insurance Jargon Buster Like many industries, the car insurance industry is littered with terminology that can be difficult to understand. To help shoppers make more sense of the language used has published an insurance jargon buster that aims to explain some of the more commonly used words . The jargon buster can be found in the “help and info” area of the website, which can be located in the drop down menu to the top right of the homepage. has been developing informative content for some time to offer support to visitors using the site to research and purchase motor insurance and other products like financial services and utilities. Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director for car insurance comparison site, commented: “The addition of an insurance jargon buster is part of our continued commitment to offer our shoppers more than just the ability to compare car insurance quotes and we will continue to add similar guides in the future. We gather feedback from our shoppers on a regular basis and have found that this type of additional informative content is welcomed”.
26/06/2013 16:46:45 Eren
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