Is The Future Of Car Insurance Written In The Stars?

2nd February 2016

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Car insurance comparison site has taken a look at the correlation between drivers' star signs and their motoring convictions. Careful Capricorns lead the law-abiding table, whilst Leo's licences are the least likely to be blemish free.


What's the secret to staying within the law when it comes to driving? Great powers of concentration? Conservative driving strategies? Years of experience? According to car insurance comparison site, the answer could lie in the stars.

Looking at around 300,000 car insurance quotes, the site has examined the link between motorists' astrological star signs and the likelihood of having points on their driving licences. The results show that Capricorns are the UK's most law-abiding drivers and Leos are the most likely to have felt the long arm of our motoring laws.

Andrew Goulborn,'s Commercial Director, explained how the research was undertaken: "We looked at recent quote data and split our shoppers by birth date into star sign groups. For each star sign we looked at the number of people with points on their driving licences and compared this against the average for all drivers. From this, we produced the following table that shows that Capricorns are, for example, some 3.4% less likely than the average motorist to have committed driving offences. Leos, on the other hand, are 2.3% more likely to have transgressed. Put another way, Leos are almost 6% more likely than Capricorns to have points on their licences."

Star Sign

Conviction Score

Capricorn 96.6
Cancer 98.6
Virgo 99.6
Aries 99.9
Scorpio 100.0
Sagittarius 100.1
Taurus 100.3
Gemini 100.3
Aquarius 100.6
Libra 100.9
Pisces 101.1
Leo 102.3

Commenting on these results, Jonathan Cainer, internationally renowned astrologer, said: “Capricorn is a famously sensible sign. They can break rules too but, if they ever decide to take risks, they’ll first look to see if they can get away with it. Leos, by comparison, often have high self esteem. They grant themselves permission to be daring, assuming that, if they get caught, they’ll charm the police into letting them off with a caution. This plan probably succeeds more often than we know - otherwise official records might show an even bigger gap between them and the careful conformists at the top of the list!"

With car insurance providers adopting increasingly innovative approaches to the pricing of policies, could the use of astrology to help set premiums be on the cards?

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