Licensing Rules Help Cost Of Motorbike Insurance

Ipswich 10th February 2012 Spring is just around the corner and March is the month that new vehicle registration plates are launched in the UK. With spring being upon us motorbike enthusiasts will be starting to polish the chrome ready for some fair weather riding. Meanwhile, the Driving Standards Agency has been busy re-writing the rule book on motorcycle licensing legislation. From January 2013 the 3rd European Directive on Driving Licences will be introduced in the UK which will affect the size of motorbike teenage riders are permitted to ride by law. The new ruling means that learners will have to pass a theory and a practical test to qualify to ride a motorbike and will be restricted to certain engine size categories until further training or testing is completed. The rules will be effective from January 19th 2013.  Under them the two existing categories of motorcycle will be changed to three:
  • A1 – up to 125cc
  • A2 – up to 35Kw
  • A – over 35Kw
Riders under 19 years of age will only be able to own and ride bikes up to 125cc in capacity, and those under 21 will be limited to 47bhp machines. Riders who wish to progress to larger engine sizes will have to take further training or an additional test. There will also be an increase in the minimum age from 21 to 24 for those wishing to ride a more powerful bike without previous experience. The objective is to improve the skills and safety on the roads for new motorcycle riders. This could be good news when it comes to things like the cost of motorbike insurance as improved safety on the roads will decrease the risk of accidents which in turn lessens the frequency of claims. A spokesperson from popular motorbike insurance comparison site commented, “It’s really important for all motorists to be able to ride and drive safely and young riders are particularly at risk due to low levels of experience on the roads. The new approach to licensing will help to make sure that everyone, specifically this high risk group, has the skills they require to ride safely. When it comes to obtaining a good deal on motorbike insurance, the more qualifications you have under your belt the better as insurers will look favourably upon those who have taken further training and advanced courses.”
10/02/2012 14:50:45 Mike
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