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Following the recent Consumer Insurance Act, car insurance comparison site has added some enhancements to its motor insurance quote form to help shoppers to better understand the information they are required to provide to insurers. Improve Quote Form The Consumer Insurance Act came into force on the 6th April 2013. The Act aims to help consumers to understand what information they need to tell an insurer when applying for insurance in order to decrease the number of claims being declined on the grounds of non-disclosure. The Act is applicable to all personal insurance, including home and car insurance, whether it is bought online or over the phone and requires that insurance providers make sure that the questions asked of applicants are as clear and unambiguous as possible. It is hoped that the Consumer Insurance Act will help to reduce fraud by making it much harder for people to give false information during the application process, thereby increasing the likelihood of fraudsters getting caught out. In reaction to this, has undertaken work to improve the support and help provided to shoppers during the quote process to make sure that the questions asked throughout the form are easily understood. Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director of, commented: “The insurance industry is committed to tackling fraud so that dishonest shoppers do not make insurance more expensive for the honest motorists – who account for the majority of drivers. The new Act provides an industry-wide standard to adhere to, so that insurance shoppers are less likely to give incorrect or incomplete information by mistake. We have placed some additional user support in the form of highlighted help text throughout the quote process in order to help our site users to better understand the exact information required and, in turn, to make it even quicker and simpler to obtain an accurate quote.”
03/07/2013 14:46:57 Eren
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