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Ipswich 7th February 2012, one of the UK’s most popular car insurance comparison sites, has announced that it has published a motorbike insurance guide to assist motorcycle riders in their search for good value motorbike insurance. The launch of the guide is scheduled to coincide with Spring approaching and new motorbike registrations coming out in March.  It is at this time that motorbike enthusiasts in the UK will be thinking about beginning to polish the chrome ready for some fair weather rides. The guide explains motorcycle insurance product details, what affects the price of this type of insurance and also includes some handy tips on how to keep the cost of your insurance low – valuable information to those shopping around in the current economic climate., a site better known for helping shoppers to compare car insurance, features over a hundred and forty insurance brands on its comparison panel, and has a growing reputation for ease of use and provision of affordable insurance. A spokesperson for the site commented, “Delivering more quality information to our site visitors will be a core focus in 2012. Motor insurance can be a complex area for consumers to understand and we feel that the better informed people are the more able they are to make the correct buying decisions when it comes to getting covered. The motorbike insurance guide covers everything from product information, through to how someone should go about making an insurance claim. We have been very focused on making sure we have a quick and simple quote process for shoppers to obtain affordable insurance and having listened to shopper feedback we thought that additional information would be welcomed. All this useful information can be found under the ‘info’ area of the site which is located at the top right of the homepage.”
07/02/2012 16:20:45 Mike
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