Motorists To Ensure They Have European Cover has revealed that some insurance policies only cover motorists for the legal minimum level of cover when driving overseas and warns drivers to check their car insurance policies before going on a driving holiday abroad. is warning UK drivers to make sure they are sufficiently covered by their motor insurance policy when driving abroad.

Many motorists in the UK believe that their existing policy will cover them adequately for driving in foreign countries. However, this is not always the case and for driving within Europe, only third party insurance is provided as standard.

According to figures published by the National Statistics Office and the Association of British Travel Agents, over three million holidaymakers from the UK take a driving holiday every summer. Accidents and breakdowns do of course happen, but with the right preparations the after-effects can be minimised.  Drivers can avoid the risk of being stung by unexpected costs and trouble at the roadside by ensuring they have the appropriate level of cover in place before they leave.

Driving without the correct level of motor insurance overseas can result in hefty costs if you have to use a local breakdown and repair service. According to the AA, it could cost well over £1,000 to bring a broken down vehicle back in to the UK and that figure does not take in to account the costs that can also be incurred by having to arrange emergency accommodation and alternative transport home.

Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director of commented: “Our advice to motorists is to contact your existing insurer to check your policy details before you leave the UK. If you have a comprehensive policy you might well have to take out what is known as a foreign use extension – if in doubt always check with your insurer. Some policies do, of course, offer European cover as standard, but you should always check this before you leave. If you are looking to renew your policy or take out new cover always use a site like to compare car insurance quotes so that you are able to check the policy conditions in detail to see what is covered.”

03/07/2012 09:00:32 Mike
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