New Years Eve Driving Advice

With the season of parties about to end, popular  insurance comparison website provides advice to motorists who will be the designated driver on New Year’s Eve.

Now Christmas is over, many people will be turning their attention to the last big celebration of the winter, New Year’s Eve. All across the UK, people will be planning to host or attend parties and organising nights out to pubs, clubs and restaurants. Many of these people people want to avoid expensive cab fees and so someone is going to need to be appointed designated driver.

New Year's Eve Driving Tips

For those assigned this important role, has put together some sensible advice to help make sure everyone gets home safely on New Year’s Eve:

1. The designated driver should avoid alcohol altogether.

The drink drive limit is 35mg of alcohol in 100 ml of breath but it’s impossible for drivers to estimate whether they are above or below this limit by counting their drinks because everyone absorbs alcohol at a different rate. A drink driving conviction can have serious impacts on a driver’s future which include huge hikes in their car insurance premium, driving bans and criminal records. With these things in mind the designated driver is advised to avoid alcohol altogether. Revellers are also advised to refuse lifts from drivers they know have been drinking.

2. Drivers should keep clear of others on the road that they suspect may have been drinking.

Last year Humberside Police stopped more than 11,000 drivers, of which almost 10% had been drinking. Drink drivers account for 14% of fatal driving accidents so designated drivers are advised watch out for telltale signs which may indicate a drunk driver. These include erratic or slower than usual driving, cars being driven with fog lights on or even no lights at all! If you suspect another road user to have been drinking give them a wide berth.

3. Drivers should make sure they ready for driving in winter conditions.

Most New Year’s Eve parties take place on a cold winter’s night where they may have been a frost or even snowfall, has released a guide to winter driving which includes advice on preparing journeys and driving in hazardous weather conditions. Drivers are advised to make sure they are familiar with this advice before they set off.

4. Don’t forget to have fun!

While being the designated driver is not necessarily occupation and driving  safely is a serious responsibility, it is possible to stay and have fun at the same time and remember you will be one of the few without a headache in the morning!

Andrew Goulborn Commercial Director of insurance website commented: “Nominating a designated driver or arranging for alternative transport such as a taxi in advance of the New Year celebrations is the responsible thing to do. Any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive and there is no foolproof way of drinking and staying under the limit so we recommend that people avoid it completely if they are intending to drive. If you do arrange a designated driver this year remember to to thank them!. We wish all of our shoppers a very safe and prosperous New Year and drive safely from all of us here at”

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