Plan Journeys During The Olympics

Olympic Games London 2012

With the Olympic Games just around the corner has provided some advice to drivers who might be planning a trip to the capital at the end of July.

The Olympic Games will be kicking off in London on the 27th July 2012. The Games are predicted to attract large numbers of visitors to the many venues in the city and surrounding areas and many temporary traffic and parking plans are being put in place. Drivers who are considering making the journey to London to experience the atmosphere first hand or commuting during the duration of the event should ensure they are prepared.

Given the forecast numbers of extra visitors into London for the event, if you are planning to be there yourself it would be wise to begin planning your trip as early as possible, particularly if you plan to take the car. The roads around the torch relay are very likely to be closed in the days leading up to the event and the there will be events taking place on roads across the city that drivers should be aware of.

Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director for the popular car insurance comparison site said, “London is a very busy place anyway and driving in central London can be challenging and expensive at any time. Motorists should make sure they are aware of what is happening and how their travel might be affected, and make sure that they plan around any disruption and where possible, pre-arrange suitable parking for a visit. It could be wise to park your vehicle somewhere on the outskirts of the capital and utilise public transport to access the centre. Public transport will obviously be much busier during the Games but there are information leaflets available for each borough that you can review prior to travelling. If you have fully comprehensive car insurance you can leave your car it overnight with the peace of mind that it will be covered by your policy but do of course make sure to hide personal belongings out of view in the car.”

Advice for both spectators and those who have to make regular journeys in London is being published at . Car parks for London tube stations along with tips for travel can be found listed by Transport for London at their site

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