Pothole Damage Guide Available From Tiger.co.uk

Motor insurance comparison website Tiger.co.uk has released a pothole damage claims guide to help drivers who would like to claim from their local council for damage caused to their vehicle. Pothole Damage Increasing In The UK After a particularly harsh winter in the UK, reports of motorists receiving expensive car repair bills as a result of damage caused by potholes have increased. However, road users have the option to claim back the money spent on repairing the vehicle from their local council or highway agency. Tiger.co.uk has published a guide to claiming for pothole damage providing step-by-step instructions so that drivers are not left out of pocket from driving over a pothole. The guidance provided contains information on the types of damage that can be caused by hitting a pothole at varying speeds, what to do immediately after hitting a pothole and step-by-step instructions on how to make a claim. Tiger.co.uk is committed to providing its users with useful motoring related advice so that they are well informed on a wide range of motoring matters as well as providing an insurance comparison service to get great car insurance deals. The pothole claims guide can be located in the “Help and Info” area of the Tiger.co.uk site, which can be found in the drop down menu to the top right of the homepage. Tiger.co.uk has been developing informative content to offer support about a range of driving issues to motorists using the site to compare and purchase motor insurance. Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director of Tiger.co.uk, commented: “The recent media coverage regarding pothole damage lead us to release this guide. A lot of motorists are not aware of the for making a claim for pothole damage so we thought this would be useful information. We gather feedback from our shoppers on a regular basis and have found that this type of additional informative content is much welcomed.”
08/07/2013 09:00:59 Eren
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