Tiger.co.uk Reports on Summer Drink Driving Campaign

The Association of Chief Police Officers (APCO) has begun an anti-drink driving campaign this summer, car insurance comparison site Tiger.co.uk can announce. This campaign, set to last a month will not only focus on drink drivers at night but will also see drivers pulled over in the morning  when they could still unknowingly be over the limit.

In a bid to reduce drink driving accidents this summer and following on from the success of a similar campaign last year, the Association of Chief Police Officers (APCO) has begun a month long summer anti-drink driving campaign. This particular campaign is different as motorists will not only be targeted in the evening and at night, but also first thing in the morning too. This is due to the fact that even on the following morning many drivers could still be over the limit and not safe to be driving. This campaign will also keep an eye out for those who drive while under the influence of drugs, an equally serious offence. Last year’s successful campaign led to more than 88,000 people being stopped with a worrying 6.1% of people either refusing a test, or when tested being found to be above the drink driving limit.

APCO has announced that in 2010, there were 250 fatalities and a further 88,629 people injured as a result of incidents where the driver was over the drink drive limit. This accounts for 14% of all people killed on the road that year. If a driver is caught and is fortunate enough to have escaped an accident it will still have a severe effect on their life: A convicted driver may be put in prison, fined, banned from driving and can receive a criminal record, which would seriously restrict travel and employment.  On top of this, a drink driving conviction on a driver’s record will mean that they will be paying much.

Andrew Goulborn Commercial Director at Tiger.co.uk said: “With the upcoming summer of sporting events including, Wimbledon, Euro 2012 and the Olympics, we urge all of our shoppers to drive safely. People will want to get involved in the festivities but if you need to drive, the way to stay truly safe is to be absolutely alcohol free. If you do want a drink, make sure to organise a designated driver or taxi, even if you plan on staying the night at your location.

A drink driving conviction will be a major blight on anyone’s life. Apart from the danger you put yourself and others in, you’ll be paying more for car insurance, you could lose your job and you could even end up in jail”

22/06/2012 09:00:05 Eren
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