Road Safety Week 2013

As the end of October approaches the UK road safety charity Brake, is getting ready for its annual Road Safety Week campaign which is going to be taking place this year from the 18th- 24th of November. has been taking a look at what is in store.

Annual Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week, the largest road safety event in the UK takes place every year in November and involves thousands of communities, organisations and schools. The aim is to raise road safety awareness and to promote ways of reducing the number of casualties on the highways of Great Britain.

According to statistics published in September by the Department of Transport the total number of casualties on the roads in Great Britain in 2012 was 4% down on 2011. On top of this, the number of fatalities on the road in 2012 was 8% lower than it was in 2011, reaching a record low. In spite of these positive looking thousands of people are still killed or seriously injured on the roads in the UK every year which is why events like Road Safety Week are so important.

The theme for this year’s Road Safety Week is “Tune In” and it will be promoting the importance of avoiding things which could distract, not just whilst driving, but also while walking, cycling, skating, running or otherwise using the road or pavement. Distraction is a major cause of death or injury in the UK but it is not just a problem for drivers. Pedestrians and cyclists can also be dangerously distracted by their mobile phones and music. Brake is asking everyone to promise to “tune in to road safety”, which involves road users pledging to do their best to stay focused on the responsibility in hand, and to not put themselves or others at risk for the sake of a call, text or other activity that can be put off until later.

Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director of commented: “While the road casualty figures are more encouraging this year, events like Road Safety Week are still extremely important for raising awareness of the potential dangers amongst road users. We encourage people to take part in these events in their local communities, if you do want to get involved you can register for an action pack on the Road Safety Week website which is packed with resources and advice.”

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