Rollercoaster Insurance Ride For Motorists - Tiger Watch August 2015, the car insurance comparison site, has released its latest monthly Tiger Watch price monitor and the results paint a mixed picture for the UK's 30 million drivers.

Every month comparison site analyses the car insurance quote results for a set of driver profiles and uses the results in its Tiger Watch monitor, providing the UK's most up to date snapshot of car insurance price trends. Last month's figures were uneasy reading for Britain's motorists, with premiums increasing by some 23% compared to those recorded just a month earlier. In August the monitor shows that prices have dropped by over 5.7% since July, continuing 2015's "pricing rollercoaster".

Tiger Watch August

The annual trend, however, will come as a blow to car owners who are about to renew their policies, with rates up by 7.5% compared to those of August 2014.

Commenting on the Tiger Watch results, Commercial Director Andrew Goulborn highlighted the apparent volatility in the current car insurance market: "In 2015 to date we have seen some major swings in insurance rates, with our Tiger Watch graph clearly demonstrating the insurance rollercoaster that Britain's 30 million motorists are riding.

Within our analysis, we are seeing even greater volatility across certain driver profiles. For example, for younger male drivers we've seen double digit year-on-year drops in car insurance prices this month, whereas for 35 and 45 year-old driver profiles of both genders are seeing double digit increases.

This market volatility makes it vital that all motorists at least benchmark their renewal price offers and check out what other insurers and brokers have to offer - it's just a five minute job using and it could save motorists hundreds of pounds".

ABOUT TIGER.CO.UK is a trading name of Call Connection Ltd. is a UK based, independent motor insurance comparison site, offering insurance quotes from over 150 motor insurance brands. Call Connection Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA number 308374).
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